The Start of My Journey

It’s been 3 weeks since officially making my business an actual business. This also marks my 1 year anniversary working with my first client 3R Renovations.


Deciding to become a virtual assistant has actually been many years in coming. I’ve spent many years working along side doctors, running their clinics and being their go-to person. For one doctor, in particular, I became sort of a personal assistant for her outside of work. I ran errands, did research and organizational tasks, as well as reminding her of personal appointments and sometimes picked up her child from school. I realized I truly enjoyed this kind of work and thought that if I ever needed extra income I could be a PA.

Jump forward to 1 year ago. My boyfriend had been running his own business as a contractor for home remodeling. He wanted to niche down and really promote doing tile work since that is what he loves doing most. He had never done any advertising, didn’t have a website, and only had a rudimentary Facebook business page.

He mentioned to me one day that he wanted to make a website but had no idea what he was doing or even where to start.

Having played around and built websites before, I was more than eager to help him out. I knew I could set up and design a website for him with all the bells and whistles he wanted.

After I tackled the website I moved on to sprucing up his Facebook page. He had less than 10 followers and he had no idea what to post or do to get more traffic.
Now, after 1 year, he’s booked out for several months and has never needed to spend a dime on advertising.

His customers love looking at his website portfolio and they regularly follow his Facebook page for ongoing projects. His previous customers refer new customers to these platforms to see his work, and the calls keep coming in!

Now that I’ve gotten a year under my belt, I realize I still love this type of work and I started to wonder if I could/should add more clients. I started doing a ton of research, reading blogs, listening to podcasts and watching videos. Anything I could get my hands on that could help me launch this business I snatched up.

I took an online course that really helped me pull it all together into an organized vision of what I want my business to be. I decided that offering a few specialized areas rather than general administrative work was the way to go. And in creating my niche, I also decided to title myself as a virtual business consultant rather than virtual assistant.

In all my research I also realized that I could potentially make this my full-time job! It’s exciting to see the possibility of earning more than I am at my 8-5 as well as having the freedom to work the hours I want, from anywhere I want.

I plan to use this blog to cover the many aspects of running a small business as well as allowing you to follow my personal journey. I also hope to meet many new friends along the way. I truly hope this becomes a great resource for helping other small business owners to maximize their potential.


Do you have questions about working with a virtual assistant?

Shoot me an email with your questions and I’ll cover it a future blog post!

Don’t forget to follow my blog for more updates!



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