About Me

Welcome to Innovatively Virtual!

My name is Malissa, and I live in a small town in Northwest Ohio with my fabulous family in the house my grandparents built.


I’ve had the pleasure of owning and working with several small businesses for over 10+ years.

I started Innovatively Virtual when I took over management of the website, Facebook business page, and Instagram account for 3R Renovations. 

I also manage and Facebook page and Instagram account for Flippin Awesome Studio, along with other duties for both businesses.

In my working career, I’ve learned skills in photography, photo editing, customer service, time management, organization, and research just to name a few.

What I really enjoy is using MY skills to help other professional service business owners more effectively and efficiently promote their business online and through social media.

I love to see others succeed!

So, if you wish you could free up more of your own time to work on what matters most to your professional service business (aka what brings in the $$$), then head on over to my Lets Work Together page to find out more of what I can do for you today

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