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A recent study notes that the average small business owner spends anywhere from 5-11 hours per week managing social media! That’s a lot of hours that you could be focusing on the tasks that generate you money.

Facebook and Instagram are vital tools for any professional service business to get the exposure they need. It can really be a great free (or affordable paid) tool that helps generate business, but do you have the extra time to manage your pages?

My clients’ customers have said that when looking for professional services, they look to see if that business has a social media following and what past customers are saying.

If you don’t have a social media presence yet for your business, read this great article from The Business Journals on why you should: Is Facebook the most important network for small business.

Here are just some of the things I can help you with:

  • Set-up or optimize your Facebook business page
  • Scheduling regular posts
  • Replying to followers comments/messages as your business


In today’s market, it is crucial for any professional service business to have a website, it’s your virtual “business card”.

I will never forget when one of my clients told me that he recently scored a customer, needing several high-end remodeling projects, all because of the website I made for him. This customer had been shopping around for a contractor and my client was the ONLY ONE who had a website!

If you don’t have a website already and are still wondering if you really need one, then read this article in Forbes: 3 Reasons Websites Are Vital for Small Businesses.

Here are just some of the things I can help you with:

  • Set-up or optimize your business web page.
  • Schedule your blog posts/organize photos and content
  • Optimize your SEO


Email is another vital tool for any business. It’s instant communication, low cost, easy to use and is widely used for marketing. It’s also easy for your inbox to get jammed full of customer inquiries, receipts, industry news and other correspondence.

Some days can be hard to not get distracted by the mounting number of unread emails in your inbox. You shouldn’t have to worry about missing important customer emails!

Here are just some of the things I can help you with:

  • Organizing your inbox
  • Responding to common email questions or requests
  • Setting up your email list/auto-responders

What to expect

My goal is to learn about your business so that I can be an extension of your team and help your business grow. I want us to be a great fit.

Schedule a free consultation with me. I’ll ask you questions to discover what it is I can do to help your residential remodeling business grow to the next level.

I will then be able to tailor package options to best fit your businesses needs.

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Malissa has set up my business website 3R Renovations and continues to update new content to keep it fresh.  I have received compliments from customers on her website design. Malissa refreshed my existing Facebook business page, organized project photos and increased traffic. She also helped to organize and streamline scheduling, email and payment options. I … Continue reading Charles Newcomb

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